What is the Ybok Gaming Community?

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Founded in 2012, the Ybok Gaming Community (YGC) has its origins in the MMOFPS Planetside 2. As a Vanu outfit on the server Helios, we had the distinction of being a founding member of the Helios Vanu Command (HVC), a coalition of outfits in that server. At our peak we had 1200 active members and were one of the server’s premier communities. We are now expanding into Star Citizen and many other games. Join our community hub on Discord!



"Gaming community leadership is my passion. I've been running guilds, clans, groups, and organizations since 2009; and I don't ever plan to stop. I believe an individual's gameplay experience is greatly enhanced when they have a passionate community to engage with and I do everything I can to provide that to our members. 


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Community Ranks

New users in our community. They have yet to register as an Inductee and only have voice channel access in our Discord server.

Registered users of YGC. One can apply at this link: Form Link
Inductees have full access to our Discord server & community.

Members are the core of our community. Full membership of YGC is awarded to those who have attend at least 3 organized YGC events.

Coordinators manage efforts to maintain the growth and success of YGC. Each has a certain area of responsibility or expertise.

Moderators are responsible for upholding our rules, maintaining a drama free and inclusive community environment.

Regents are second in command. They assist Ybok in making high level decisions and operating the community as a whole.

Ybok, the leader and founder of YGC.