What is the Ybok Gaming Community?

Your Internet Home for Gaming

YGC provides its members an organized and inclusive environment to relax and have fun with other like-minded gamers. We supply this experience with an open and enjoyable environment to socially game, compete, or just hang out with friends through our Discord and game servers that we host without expense to users. We hold gaming events every Saturday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST and other events throughout the week.

Community Ranks

Earn by:

Join Discord

Assign role in #roles-bot

Earn by:

Register with YGC: Form Link

Earn by:

Registered with YGC

Be an active Inductee for 1 month+

Officer Ranks

Manage efforts to maintain the activity, growth, and success of the community.

Enforce YGC's rules to secure a welcoming community environment.

High level management with the same permissions as Ybok.

Leader of YGC