In the $28 Million milestone, CIG announced it would have a new entry level ship to compete with the RSI Aurora. The ship is the Consolidated Outland Mustang. You can find some lore about Consolidated Outland at where the ship was first suggested as part of the $28 Million milestone. You can see the Mustang concept art at and even view a video of the designer talking about his design methodologies about the Mustang in The Next Great Starship S1E4.

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It's also been announced that demand for this ship to go on sale was so great, they generated a poll to see if it was a desirable thing now. The poll is very close, with over 17K votes and a very narrow margin (45% vs 55%) lead to not put the ship up for sale until it has a 3D mockup in the Crytek Engine. One noteworthy mention, is the ship will be available to swap out if you have a current RSI Aurora in the very near future. This is a good thing as I believe the entry level game package with this ship will be around $30 and go up from there. Considering the achievements of this game, $30 today for a $60 game in the future is money well spent given all the features this game will have to offer. So if you haven't had a chance, checkout the gallery or the video of the Mustang in the links above.