The monthly report with status updates for March has been posted. In all, the heads of eight teams working on the different components of Star Citizen give us a personal yet concise look into it's development. This is typically unprecedented in the game industry. Most studios will keep everything under wraps, but since SC is fully backed by gamers like you and I, CIG is committed to answering it's backers. They have been attempting to be as transparent as possible during the development cycle and as far as I can tell they have been successful in doing so. The monthly report gives us a very indepth look at what's been accomplished, while other shows like 10 for the Chairman and Wingman's Hangar give us weekly updates and outtakes on what they are tackling and keeping the backers engaged.

The following are some pictures from the monthly report. The in-game pictures are amazing, and if you get a chance (chrome) right click and open the image in a new tab.





And finally I leave you with Chris Roberts, the man himself... geeking out...