I am about to begin my US Air Force career and will be leaving on June 21st to basic training in San Antonio. Boot camp will last two months and I will be cut off from the outside world. Because of this, Skadolphin will temporarily take my place as the Regent of YGC and will make sure everything continues to work smoothly while I'm absent.

I should be back around late August or early September as long as I'm able to purchase a new computer or get mine shipped to me. As I am not yet aware of what my living circumstances will be like in my Tech school after basic training, it is possible that it may take a little more than a couple months until I am back on the internet and able to take back active leadership of YGC.

Until then, I am expecting YGC does not collapse or become a total anarchy, but I have faith that you all will keep my baby safe. We've lasted three and a half years so far, I want to keep our group around for much longer than that and to accomplish this we need to keep the community active.

See you guys soon,