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YBOK has reached a new record of 300 registered users today!
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[Leader] YbokA new YGC website is being worked on, and we need your thoughts. What features would you like to see in your ideal community website? What would hook you to visit it every day? Please let me know if you have ideas!
[YGC] Vandleler   The idea I brought up before. A simplified chart of shops that fit into different catahories ( trade shops, mining shops, fighters, support ships, etc.) And it shows stats of those ships that are specific for that type of job. Also shows price. Will make it easier for new players to decide what they want to pledge for
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[Leader] YbokHey everyone, you have the opportunity to promote in YGC and Star Citizen! View our "Apply & Promote" tab to submit an application. For Imperator and Primus, submitting an application will show your interest in the role. If it is approved, you will be able to run for election. Elections will be held come BETA release for Star Citizen. More information to come in the future.
[YGC] KynitekiaHi guys! Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to getting to know you all
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[Leader] YbokCongratulations Lastbender! He is the newest Regent of YGC. Lastbender is a long time members who's gamed with us since the beginning of our PlanetSide 2 days. He's been a constantly active player, a hard worker, and a great friend. Your dedication to YGC is highly appreciated, and we have many years of gaming ahead of us.
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[Admin] SkadolphinI've decided to standardize the rules for who gets a private channel on the Teamspeak server. Private channels will be granted to any Senior Member or above who requests one.
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