When registering on the website, the registrant is put into a group classified as "Registered". These people have limited access to most website features. Official members of the community are classified as "Members" after being promoted by a senior member or having their application accpeted. This application can be made by clicking the "Apply" tab at the top of the website.

The community heirarchy and all in-game heirarchies are seperate. For example, one could be a standard member on the community website, hold a high position in the Planetside 2 outfit, and a basic position in the Star Citizen organization at the same time.



Here are some brief descriptions of each rank:



Standard YGC Members are the core of the community. They make up the majority of our numbers.

Apply For Membership



These players have spent a great deal of time with the community. They are valued for their trusted opinions and time investments in improving the community. 

 Apply For Senior Membership


Regents are the most senior members of YGC. Regents serve as advisors to Ybok and act as leaders in his abscence. They are responsible for representation of the community and coordinating in-game affairs. Currently, the three Regents are Skadolphin, Sahana, and Evilsnoman.