The following are prohibitions, restrictions, and conditions of use for all game servers and social tools such as chat and voice communication systems. All members agree not to do any of the following while using YGC chat channels, or any other social systems that YGC is associated with. The following are highly frowned upon and are potentially punishable by a ban. 

1. Excessive use of profanity and inappropriate language, or disruptive behavior.

2. Insults, personal attacks, abuse, or harassment.

3. Derogatory comments based on nationality, culture, race, religion, gender, or sexual preferences.

4. Begging and soliciting.

5. Distribution of other user’s personal information.

6. Discussing or linking to illegal activities.

7. Giving serious real world or in-game threats.

8. Advertising or recruiting for other clans and gaming organizations.

9. Discussing (with intent to troll) social, religious, political, illegal, or other controversial topics.

10. Representing the community in any capacity while overly intoxicated.

11. No NSFW or NSFL images or videos.

12. No spoilers of new popular media.