The Eternal Sovereignty


Have the itch for combat? Join one of our military Legions to protect and defend the Sovereignty!


Mining, trading, salvaging, you name it. Your skills and passion are the backbone of our success.


Play an influential role in expanding and improving the Sovereignty. Organize, recruit, or lead!

Eternal Sovereignty Philosophy 

While CIG completes the game, YGC is hard at work to build up our Star Citizen community. Our primary goal within Star Citizen is to establish a functional, dynamic, and far-reaching presence within the ‘Vers, felt by players both within our community and without. This will be achieved with an initial focus on economic growth and industrialization. That will give us the funds and resources necessary to expand and colonize.

We work hard to fulfill our vision of an organization that has the ability to provide support to all of it’s members and create an environment that enables people to play the game how they want while simultaneously contributing to the success and prosperity of all org members. Your membership has meaning and everyone has a voice.